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Centerline (Vertical) Movements – Overview

Centerlines are saw blade movements on the Y Axis (vertical movements – up & down).

All Retro C component saws contain one of two versions depending on the generation of the saw.

  • Version 1 is the Joyce Actuator which is an enclosure screw that moves up and down.
  • Version 2 is a gearbox with #50-2 chain to move the centerline to the correct position.

Both versions have an encoder under a gray cover on the top of the machine. The encoders must be secure in order to keep calibration and at times either the set screw will get loose or the spring clips may break. They must be repaired if broken to avoid errors and loss of calibration.

Pictured: Version 2 of a Centerline Motor, Gearbox, & Encoder (under gray cover)
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