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Linear Pickline – Encoder Problems

If you are having problems with the Linear Pickline not recognizing lumber as it goes past the sensors it could be because the encoder is NOT counting properly.

Typical Symptom:

  • The lumber picker picks lumber, puts it into the trough, and the pickline takes it away and then kicks it off (if you have a kicker) or dumps it off if you have the standard pickline. As the lumber goes past the sensor array you check the saws display (or your 7″ touchscreen) and you can see lumber going past the sensors (green lights come on while a board is in front of the sensor) in the “Pickline” – “check” – “sensors” tab but no lumber is ever shows up in the “Monitor All” tab, and conveyor “C” (the incline conveyor) never advances forward.

If you are having this problem it could be because the encoder is spinning (the metal tabs are broken off) or the set screw that holds the encoder onto the shaft is not tight and the shaft is just spinning, or the encoder is broken.

The first thing you will need to do is to locate the encoder and remove the cover so you can determine what the problem is. The encoder is located under this gray cover:

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