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Emergency Stop Enable Terminals

The enable terminals are disconnected when the emergency stop is enabled and get reconnected when all of the safety switches are fixed.

Stationary side

The enable terminals start with S13.

S13 has 24v power when terminals S32 and S31 terminals have power at the end of the emergency stop switch system. I.E. All switches allow power to pass through.

The 24v power exits terminal S13 and travels to M1 with Wire 64

Wire 63 exits M1 goes to the red terminal 83.

Wire 154 exits Terminal 83 and travels across the saw to terminal 89 on the carriage side.

Carriage side

Wire 43 exits 89 carriage panel and goes to M2

Wire 41 exits M2 and goes to 88 carriage panel

Wire 153 exits 88 carriage panel and goes to 82 stationary panel

Wire 62 exits Terminal 82 and goes to S14

When S14 gets power from S13 the Emergency stop will engage.

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