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Common Retro C issues and solutions

Common problems

  1. Out of Calibration (If power was lost in while saw was moving check all below)
    1. Length (Length of board is wrong)
    2. Centerline (Centerline of board is wrong)
    3. Angle (Angle of board is wrong)
    4. In Out (In out Conveyors are wrong position)
    5. Material Feed (Sync conveyors are in line with each other)
  2. Saw won’t move (Which movement?)
    • Check Screen for issues
      1. Network connection (All vc1’s are not connected)
      2. Estop
      3. Encoder Errors or warnings
      4. Drive errors or warnings
    • Stall
      1. Check for something physically jammed in movement
      2. Lubricate movement
      3. Go to calibrate and try to work the movement loose with slow speed moves back and forth.
      4. Remove fan cover and help break movement loose.
    • Carriage won’t move and stalls
      1. Check to see if air brake is working properly
      2. Check if torque tamer is tight
      3. Check that encoder spur gear and encoder is tight to shaft
  3. Board is rubbing on the back of saw blade (Normally 1 or 4)
    1. Check In-Out conveyors for to see if they are parallel.
    2. Check carriage to see if it is parallel.
    3. Ask if it rubs both at 90 and 40 the same
    4. Go through steps to fix see….
  4. Air issues
    • Low air pressure warning
      1. Check air pressure
      2. Check for leaks
      3. Disconnect air and reconnect
    • Air brakes won’t are rubbing against hub
    • Air brakes won’t disengage or slow to switch states.
      1. Check for back pressure from a cylinder leaking due to lack of oil
      2. Check that air valve is trying to toggle air. Manually toggle it.
    • Side guide won’t switch properly
  5. Network issues
    • Communication to saw or office
    • Check network cables on both ends.
  6. Encoder issues
    • Check cables on both ends
    • Check lights on encoder connection block.
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