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GS1 & GS2

  1. Power off.
  2. Remove old drive take note of where the wires are exactly.
  3. Install new drive put wires back in the exact same location.
  4. Make sure that on the GS1 the dip switch is in the up position.
Note the Dipswitch is in the up position
  • On the GS2 all 3 switches need to be in the up position.
NOTE on the GS2 all 3 switches are in the up position.
  1. Power up
  2. Set settings. 09-00 = <Axis number> (See label DRxx)
    For example if the DR Label is DR20 you would put 20 into 9-00.
    The Axis number the number after the text.
    Component labels work as follow DR=Drive FU=Fuse V=VC1 etc.
    In this case you will be replacing a drive next to the drive will be a component label. See Below

Set Setting 9-01 = 2

Set Setting 9-02 = 4


GS1 Steps

1. Press Program

2. Use the Up/Down buttons until you reach 9-

3. Press Program/Enter

4. 9-00 should be selected. Press Enter

5. Select <axis number> with arrow keys then press enter.

6. 9-01 should be selected press enter.

7. Select 2 with arrow keys press enter.

8 9-02 should be selected press enter.

9. Select 4 with arrow keys press enter.

10. Restart controlling software

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