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Linear Pickline – Installation Requirements

Linear Pickline Installation Requirements

1.Information needed by Enventek

The following information needs to be emailed back to Enventek promptly so that the saw can be made to fit your specifications.

2. Electrical & Network Preparation

Electrical is typically the biggest holdup during a saw installation.

  • The saw needs 150A three phase. Input voltage is from 208 – 240VAC. When possible have the electrician set the voltage to 220V. If a high leg is present it should be placed on L2. The main power location is shown on the attached footprint as “Pwr In”.
  • Both infeed conveyors have their power supplied from the saw and do not need a power drop. Pre-wired conduits are supplied to connect the saw to the front conveyor. The electrician will need to wire up the rear conveyor motor. 3x#10 THHN w/ground. See attached photo.
  • The “scrap panel” also needs a conduit run to the customers incline conveyor. If it’s running to the far side of the saw then there is a place to strap EMT to the saw frame. 3x #12 THHN w/ground.
  • A Cat5E cable is required from the factory network to the saw touchscreen computer. This is usually strapped to the side of the main power coming in from the ceiling. This cable terminates in the open port in the touchscreen computer.
  • Front TV Option. A Cat5E cable is required from TV to the saw touchscreen panel. 110V power will need to be supplied to the TV. The TV is usually hung from the ceiling.
  • Rear TV Option. All wiring for this TV is integrated into the saw.

3. Compressed Air

  • 10 scfm @ 100psi. Dry air is strongly recommended. Water in the lines can clog air valves over time.
  • The saw’s filter-regulator-lubricator module has a ¼” NPT female port for incoming air. It comes with a quick connect disconnect fitting but it can be hard piped if desired. A hose is preferred so that the saws final placement is flexible.

4. Scrap Conveyor

  • The saws integral scrap belt can be configured to run either direction. It is recommended to run towards the carriage side of the saw.
  • Every saw includes an extra VFD to run a secondary conveyor. This is often an incline conveyor. The VFD can run any three phase motor up to 1HP. 208-240VAC.
  • The belt opening is 24” wide. The top of the belt is 12.5” from the floor and there is 6.5” of space between the floor and the bottom of the belt roller.

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