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Pneumatic System Overview

The Retro C Penumatic System Overview

The Pneumatic system consists of all of the air-actuated valves.

  • The blade brakes all contain air cylinders for safety during an e-stop event.
  • The lumber stops use air brakes.
  • The carriage movements utilize air brakes.

The Retro C has 6 air valves, three on the stationary side and three on the carriage side.

Retro C Pneumatic Diagram

The Pneumatic system controls are located in two places, the first is on the back side of the saw on the stationary side. Recently we updated our cable routing and revised the placement of our solenoids the two images below represent the old and new placement of the pneumatics on the stationary side.

Old Layout (pre-2023)
Current Layout (2023 & on)

DID YOU KNOW: It is possible to manually fire a solenoid by pressing the small red button. NOTE: Only 2 of the 3 buttons are visible in the image above (“Current Layout 2023”).

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