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PlantOne Projection

Speed up production by providing your team with digital truss information. 

PlantOne Projection is a visual truss assembly assistant that helps your facility stay organized, increases productivity, and provides greater accuracy in plate placement. This system provides custom measurements that can be loaded from the client’s software on your computer screen. PlantOne Projection also reduces setup time, simplifies truss assembly, and allows you to utilize more novice employees because all the information is laid out in an easy-to-understand way. PlantOne Projection is the solution you have been looking for to transition to a paperless workflow.

Using two tv screens or projectors as an ultra-wide display increases visibility for complex trusses. Multiple screens can increase productivity by displaying information where you want it and when you want it.

Truss timers show the time since the last truss was built. With a single glance  plant managers can track progress between multiple crews and identify trouble spots.

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PlantOne Projection was developed because we wanted to provide better tools for crews to do their work. With PlantOne Projection crews are able to get better access to the information and details that they need to do their jobs. PlantOne Projection is not just changing the way trusses are assembled, it is revolutionizing the entire process.


  • Multiple screens
  • Technical drawings
  • Visual plate placement indications
  • Truss timer
  • Plate color
  • Wirelessly controlled

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Precision is Crucial

Technical drawings become key when setting up the first truss.  The dimensions help less experienced employees quickly learn how to set up. With the shared information the team can all work together without having to share a piece of paper.

Multiple Screens

Using two projectors as an ultra-wide display increases visibility for complex trusses. Alternatively, you can show the truss layout on one screen and a zoomed-in view of the plates on the another. Fortunately, twice the size does not mean twice the price!

Truss Timer

Truss Timer displays the elapsed time since the last truss was built.  With a single glance, plant managers can track the progress of any job. PlantOne Projection allows you to assess the speed of multiple crews and identify potential problems in workflow.

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