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Power or Wiring Troubleshooting for Angle Motors or VFDs

Power for each movement that the saw makes will follow this general path.

  1. VFD (in)
  2. VFD (out)
  3. Terminal Block in # (Example 46)
  4. Terminal Block out # (Example 46) (the number will be the same as “in”)
  5. Motor

VFD in wires are the two or three wires on the left labeled “R/L1”, “S/L2”, “T/L3”

VFD Out wires are the three wires on the right side labeled “U/T1”, “V/T2”, “W/T3”

From there power goes to terminal blocks that are either on the middle left or middle right side of the panel (the image below is of the right side).

The power/GND wires from the VFD come in on the right side of the terminal block (in this example) pass through, then go out to the motors on the left side.

From the terminal block, the wires go directly to the motor

To access the motor wires, remove the four screws holding the cover in place.

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