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Material Feed Encoder Replacement


The material feed encoders are located inside the extended fan cover of the motor that runs the dogs through the saw.

The encoders work to synchronize the two sides of the Retro C. If the saw loses synchronization or stalls it could be something mechanical, it may be that one of the encoders is starting to fail or it could be the connection of the encoder to the motor has broken.

The first thing to check is mechanical issues such as stalls or load issues. In order to do that the load is displayed in the calibration of each side. If the conveyor will run in sync with each other with no lumber in it try doing that first and check the load on VFD drive.

If it can’t be run in sync with each other they can be checked by running them independent of each other in the settings for each side.

Remove Encoder

  1. Lock out the Emergency stop on the machine.
  2. Remove the fan cover
  3. Inside the encoder will be located.
  4. Inspect for any thing that will cause issues on the encoders
  5. Remove the screws that hold the spring clip on the saw
  6. Remove the set screw for the encoder
  7. Remove encoder.

Reinstall encoder

Coming Soon.

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