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Troubleshooting: Encoder Unplugged Error

On all of the movements the encoder unplugged indicates that the encoder wiring, connections or the encoder has failed.

  1. Inspect the ethernet cable for damage.
  2. Get a test cable to replace the ethernet cable if there is damage.
  3. Check for sawdust, dirt or debris in the connector of the encoder. Disconnect and reconnect the connector. Make sure all of the pins on the ethernet wire and the connector are clean.
  4. Check or replace the encoder.


There are a few ways to diagnose the issue. Get a known working good cable and run it into the VC1 for the movement. Note: In order to know which vc1 it runs into the check screen will indicate it. The vc1’s are labeled V(Number) IE V12. They are the same in the electrical box.

If the issue gets resolved it will show up as a warning Encoder Error. Encoder Error means there was an error and it has now recovered. This is indicated by a yellow color instead of a orange one when the encoder is disconnected. The Yellow warning will go away as soon as the machine moves the next time.

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