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Network Communications Overview

This document is provided to give you some general information about the saw’s internal network.

Network Diagram

The internal network is

IP Addresses

Note: Not all IP addresses are in use. Some devices are optional and may not be installed. = CPU Touchscreen = VC1 (V4) “Angle 1-V4” = VC1 “Centerline 1-V5” = VC1 “Angle 2-V6” = VC1 “Centerline 2-V7” = VC1 “Angle 6-V8” = VC1 “Centerline 6-V9” = VC1 “Left Horiz-V12” = VC1 “Left Mat-V13” = VC1 “Angle 3-V20” = VC1 “Centerline 3-V21” = VC1 “Angle 4-V22” = VC1 “Centerline 4-V23” = VC1 “Angle 5-V24” = VC1 “Centerline 5-V25” = VC1 “Right Horiz-V26” = VC1 “Carriage-V28” = VC1 “Right Mat-V29” = VC1 “Conv A-V40” = SER “Inker RS485 Ethernet convertor” = CPU “Rear TV Display” = CPU “Front TV Display”

Labeled Cables

Comp_Net network cable

The communication to the touchscreen travels through the comp_net network cable. There is a 5 port network switch in the touchscreen panel which the saw computer connects to. That same switch is normally used for the front touchscreen however some customers run back to the stationary network switch depending on their situation.

Carr_Net network cable

The communication across the saw is done with an ethernet cable. It travels from port 1 or 2 in the network switch on the stationary side of the saw to port 1 or 2 in the carriage side of the saw.

If there are communication issues across the saw this could be the issue if it was damaged or disconnected.

TV_Net network cable

The Rear TV has a dedicated network cable that is labeled TV_Net

CBL_Net network cable

The CBL_Net cable travels to the infeed conveyor for the component saw.

Stationary Network

Blue wires are to VC1’s

CBL Net goes to the infeed smart conveyor

TV_Net goes to the rear tv behind the saw

Carr_Net goes to the carriage side of the saw

Comp_Net goes to the touchscreen computer’s network switch

Carriage Side

Blue wires go to to the VC1’s on the carriage side.

Carr_Net goes to the stationary side of the saw.


  1. The most common issue is that the the Check screen shows half of the VC1’s as disconnected. That normally means there is an issue with Carr_Net cable that travels across the saw.
  2. All of the VC1’s show disconnected that means there is an issue with the Comp_Net cable that runs from the touchscreen box back to the saw panel.
  3. One of the network switches doesn’t have power.
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