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Scrap belt tracking or alignment

Realignment of the scrap belt can be a tedious process.

The first rule of belt tracking:

The belt tracks to the side with the least tension.   

That rule applies to both ends of the belt conveyor.

The Second rule of belt tracking:

If the belt is not tight enough it will not track.

Tension the belt down evenly . The belt should be snug on the top of the rollers on both ends. There shouldn’t be a gap lifting up.

When the belt is running by applying pressure against the belt and the roller the top of the roller should not lift up off of the roller. If it does then the belt is not tight enough.

  • The tension bolts need to be fairly close to the same length.
  • Set the drive side at a measured length so the threaded rods are the same
  • Then do most of the adjustment on the idler side.
  • If the belt is moving to the right you have two choices extend the right threaded rod or loosen the left one. Note: It is best to over correct for a couple turns and then relieve it after the belt gets in the correct position.
  • The goal is to get it to track on the idler end while keeping it centered on the drive end.
  • After the belt is tracking correctly on the idler end there may be adjustments required to the drive end to center the belt.

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