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These lumber carts reduce labor and provide an organized system. Cartster carts are designed to work with the SpeedCatch to organize the lumber for your production lines. 

Cartster is an excellent solution to your lumber transport needs. These carts can maneuver in tight locations allowing wood to be transported where forklifts can not. They are also easy to load from a conveyor without requiring stacking or banding.

Cartster contain two bays per cart allowing items such as top cords and bottom cords to be placed in the same cart for transport. A foot brake holds the cart stationary allowing easy removal of lumber after transport.

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Cartster carts are cost-effective and practical ways to move lumber around your facility instead of using a forklift. When you combine Cartster with SpeedCatch for Retro C you have a simple and effective way to quickly move lumber after it has been cut by our Retro C.


  • Holds (60-70) 2×4’s
  • Integrated Foot Brake
  • Two Bays for Sorting Lumber
  • Filled Automatically by Retro C
  • Multiple Carts Can Be Attached Together
  • Sloped Edges, Less Cross Up
  • Length 5 ft, Width 28″ Height 38″
  • Bay Width 11″

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Fast Fill

Cartster is designed specifically to allow lumber to be dumped from a conveyor or machine. It has sloped edges that allow the lumber to stack and not cross up.


Integrated Brake System

An integrated foot brake holds the wheels in place so that the lumber cart will not twist during loading and unloading.

Combine Carts

Hook two carts together to allow them to be transported as a unit and divided at the assembly line. This also lets the SpeedCatch module for the Retro C fill two carts with lumber at once.

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