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24V Power System

The Retro C has two 24V power systems one on each end of the saw both the stationary and the carriage ends of the saw. The 24 volt power supply has a safety against short circuits. If all of the VC1’s go offline one one end of the saw one potential option for the failure is a short in the 24 volt system or failure in the 24v system.

The power supply has a green light that should stay solid if it it is functioning properly. If the light is turning pulsing then the power supply is turning on and off. This could be a failure of the power supply or it could be short in the system. An easy way to check is to remove the wire from positive side of the 24v power supply. If the light turns solid green then there is most likely a short in the 24V system beyond the power supply.

In order to work on this problem we need to remove the power from groups of 24V power in order to narrow down the short circuit.

The 24v power goes from the power supply and goes to terminal blocks. The blocks are joined by jumpers between the terminals on most systems they are yellow or orange.

They can be removed in order to reduce the wiring issues.

Once the short circuit is found the component needs to be replaced.

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