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VFD General

The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) are what we commonly use to move our machines to positon. They allow the motor to have a variable speed and ramp up to speed and down.

Controlled Movements

When using a VFD in a controlled movement there is always four wires that are used.

  1. Run/Stop (Green)
  2. Forward/Reverse (White/Green)
  3. Frequency (Speed) input (Orange)
  4. Common (Brown)

The above wires will be on every vfd that is controlled in that manner

There are two wires that are used for communciation to the VFD

  1. Blue (RS485+)
  2. White/Blue (RS485-)

The wires above may go directly into the terminals or they may go into an RJ45 or RJ11 clip to go into the VFD

Normally all of these wires are used from one shielded/stranded Cat5/Cat6 cable.

The other two wires may be used for other operations or not used at all.

The other end of these wires go to a VC1 in order to control the movement of the VFD.

Enventek supports multiple VFDs see Replacement article for supported VFDs

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