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Cart Puller Hook Calibration

In the image below you will see the approximate location of the Cart hook calibration point. Note this on the Fixed end of the RetroC

The hook calibration point is to the end of the “Blue tube” on the Fixed End Carriage (shown below).

Place a mark on the cart pulling device directly in line with the end of the Blue tube. This will be your target to move the cart hook to.

From the “Repair” tab, click “Manual Controls”, “SpeedCatch” and then “Settings” under the “Cart Puller-V16” top window as circled in Red below:

Using the “Back”, “Forward” green arrows move a cart hook to be lined up under the end of the Blue tube

When the Cart Hook is on the “Mark” at the end of the Blue tube Type in “0” in the “Set New Axis Position” box and then click “Set”

Verify that the “Motion Position” is 0.0 and then click “SAVE”

Click “Quit” to exit

  • Your Cart Hook is now calibrated.
  • NOTE: This is only 1 calibration point.
  • The actual cart position will vary depending on the length of board.
  • Short boards will be placed in the 1st bay (not the cart center)
  • On 20ft boards, the cart should be centered

Cart Hook Cycle Test

Using a Sharpie, number the hooks and mark where each hook ends up after a complete cycle (if it does NOT return to the the same spot, the hooks are drifting).

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