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Linear Pickline – How to ReTeach a Sensor

If a sensor malfunctions and is constantly sensing in the on or off position, you may need to simply “re-teach” the sensor. This is very easy to do and should take 5 minutes or less.

The sensor diagnostics is under the Sensors tab. This is located in the pickline software if this is a RetroC it will be under the Pickline tab and then under sensors.

The lights on the right of the screen below are all off currently. They will turn green if they are active. This can help with diagnostics.

Step 1: Check that there is no debris between the sensor eyes and the reflector before teaching the machine. The sensor are located behind the cover in the lower image.

Step 2: Take the cover off of the sensor unit. The are four 1/4″ bolts holding it in place (only 2 are shown). Use a 7/16 socket or wrench to remove the cover.

Step 3: Press and hold the teach button of the sensor you want to re-teach for 3 seconds without anything covering the sensor. It must see the reflector in order to teach the sensor properly.

Step 4: Load a board into the machine and confirm that each sensor works properly.

Step 5: Replace the cover with the 4 bolts using the 7/16 socket set.

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