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Category - Retro C

24v UPS

he UPS supplies power (only) to the VC1s (the Brains of the Retro C) in the event of a power loss. Maintaining power to the VC1s is very useful in preventing damage or loss of settings to the computers that control the saw. The UPS guards against a loss of position they remain active and detect encoder changes in the event of power loss.
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Adjusting or Tightening the Scrap Conveyor Belt

If the scrap belt is slipping on the roller or not staying centered manual adjustment is required. Step 1: Remove the gray chain guard so you have more room to work. There are two bolts on the right side of the cover that hold it in place. Once the bolts are removed it slides right off.
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Adjusting the Pivot Point

A "crashed" blade occurs when the Retro C's carriage tries to move in, toward the stationary side while there is still lumber in the saw. When this happens one or more of the saw blades themselves can become damaged, break or bend. But more often than that, the entire head will move slightly on the motor mount that connects it to the frame.
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Adjusting the Position of the Guide Wheel

The lumber guide wheel is the final point of adjustment for the lumber before it is cut. The guide wheels job is to position the lumber so that it is inline with saw blade 1 and 2. If you find that the lumber isn't being cut at all (the wheel is pushing the lumber too far to the right or isn't pushing it in far enough and is consistently cutting length off of the lumber when it is a doing a standard 90 degree cut adjusting the wheel position can help.
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