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This automated catch system will organize and catch lumber behind the Retro C component saw without requiring a full-time catcher.

SpeedCatch was designed to eliminate the need to have a full-time catcher behind the Retro C and to provide a more consistent organization process after the lumber is cut. SpeedCatch is an automated catch system that organizes and catches lumber behind the RetroC. It allows the RetroC to run at high speed without needing a full-time catcher. The speed at which SpeedCatch can load the carts and bring in the next one is enough to keep up with the Retro C on all but the most demanding of runs.

The four slot system allows SpeedCatch to organize top and bottom cords reducing setups on the Retro C. This allows symmetrical trusses to be cut at the same time without the saw setting up a second time. When SpeedCatch is paired with the projector software it will provide organization of the lumber at the table so only the cart needs to be labeled and not every piece of lumber. SpeedCatch will save time and money by reducing the number of employees needed for a job. 

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SpeedCatch was developed to allow the operator to catch the lumber on the Retro C. The goal was to reduce labor costs while providing a consistent stacking system.



    • Automatic loading
    • Automatic sorting
    • Automatically ejects cart
    • Efficient loading scheme
    • No more catcher behind saw


    • Width: 18″
    • Height: 38”
    • Length: 7′

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No Lumber Catchers Needed

Retro C and SpeedCatch were designed to work so well together that there is now no need to have a lumber catcher unload and stack cut lumber after it goes through the saw. SpeedCatch automatically unloads and sorts lumber for you!

Automatically Sort Your Lumber

SpeedCatch has four slots that the lumber is automatically sorted and dropped into. After a cart is filled up SpeedCatch can automatically pull the next available cart into place and begin sorting lumber into that one as well. 

High Speed Unloading

SpeedCatch enables the Retro C to quickly and efficiently unload and sort the lumber that it just cut. There is no waiting on catchers to clear the outfeed deck or come back from break. SpeedCatch quickly and efficiently sorts, catches, and pulls the next cart into place. 


SpeedCatch is an add on module for Retro C that saves time and money for companies looking to maximize the throughput of their Retro C saw. 

How does SpeedCatch work?

SpeedCatch works by communicating with the Retro C saw and intelligently dropping the cut lumber into one of four available drop slots. Each slot will have a cart under it to catch the lumber.

Does SpeedCatch have a conveyor that pulls carts along the backside of the Retro C?

Yes, every SpeedCatch system includes a linear conveyor on the backside of the Retro C that picks up and then dumps off Cartster carts after they have been filled.

How many "slots" can SpeedCatch sort lumber into?

SpeedCatch can sort lumber into four different locations.

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