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Category - Saw Heads

Angle (Arch) Movements – Overview

The Angles or Arches are the movements that pivot the blade motors to angle. That is done with a semi circular arch, 50-2 chain gearbox, motor and encoder. The gearbox for the angle movement is a hollow shaft gearbox with a shaft and sprocket to drive the number 50-2 chain around the arch. The other end of the shaft contains the encoder which tracks the position on the angle movement.
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Checking the Alignment of the Saw Blades

A "crashed" blade occurs when the Retro C's carriage tries to move in, toward the stationary side while there is still lumber in the saw. When this happens one or more of the saw blades themselves can become damaged, break or bend. But more often than that, the entire head will move slightly on the motor mount that connects it to the frame.
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How to Tighten the Centerline Slides

The purpose of this article is to explain how to tighten the centerline slide enough so that vibration does not allow it to move during setup while allowing it to move during normal operation.
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Replacing a Saw Blade

To replace the blade the steps are basically identical for all the blades. Reattach the blade to the saw with 3 screws (Blades 1,2,3,4). Blade number 5 gets (6) screws. Make sure the blade is attached with the teeth cutting toward the front of the saw (where the operator is standing). Put 3 screws into the three holes that are countersunk. The screw heads will NOT stick up past the plane of the blade if the correct 3 holes are chosen.
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