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Safety first! Over 30,000 saw injuries occur annually. Avoid the devastating loss of a finger or hand. Also avoid potential legal action and associated fees. 

SafeGrip is a simple yet effective, bolt on, lumber clamping system. SafeGrip can be retrofitted to multiple radial arm saws already on the market including those from MangoTech ApolloAlpine Metracut and Spida CXM

SafeGrip was specifically designed to improve the safety of radial saws by firmly holding lumber in place while it is being cut. In addition to its obvious safety benefits SafeGrip allows users to cut smaller pieces of lumber into useful parts thereby reducing the amount of scrap that would normally be tossed out.

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SafeGrip was developed because we wanted to provide a device that would protect our employees. SafeGrip not only reduced our saw blade related injuries to zero, it also allowed us to cut smaller pieces of wood into usable items safely and easily. With SafeGrip installed, companies no longer need to worry about when the next big blade related accident is going to happen.



  • Safety first
  • Bolt on system
  • Up to 4″ eight
  • Removable Aarms
  • Cut scrap into useful parts
  • Align lumber without engaging clamp

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Safety First

SafeGrip was designed specifically to keep human hands away from the saw blade. SafeGrip clamps down on lumber while it is being cut. SafeGrip practically eliminates the chances of an employee making a mistake and getting cut by a saw while it's in operation. 

Easy to Install

SafeGrip is a simple bolt on system that can be installed in approximately in a very short time. No special tools are required and alignment is extremely simple. We know time is money so we designed SafeGrip to be as easy to install and use as possible. 

Removeable Arms

SafeGrip was developed to provide safety without limiting the radial saw's ability to perform. SafeGrip has removable arms to ensure that if a custom project does come up, SafeGrip can quickly and easily be dropped out of the way so you can fill that order.

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