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Angle Chains – Proper Chain Tension

The angle chain need to be periodically checked to maintain proper chain tension. Proper chain tension will allow it move slightly from side to side but not so much that it becomes floppy or is able to move significant amounts, conversely you don’t want it so tight that it causes the angle motor to stall.

A properly tightened chain will act like this.

To tighten the chain you will need a 1/2″ open ended wrench and a #6 allen wrench. Use the 1/2″ wrench to loosen the (2) jam nuts shown below.

To lighten or loosen the chain you will need to use the allen wrench to tighten or loosen the (2) allen screws until you have achieved the proper tension.

After you have re-tensioned the chain, use the 1/2″ wrench to tighten the jam nuts back down.

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