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SmartConveyor – Dual Pedal Controls

The standard SmartConveyor comes equipped with two foot pedals for operation.

The first foot pedal labeled “Always Front Conveyor” controls ONLY the front conveyor (A) forward.

The second foot pedal labeled “Second Conveyor” controls one or both of the conveyors based on what is selected by the switch, located on the door of the SmartConveyor’s electrical panel. The options for operation are these:

  • The foot pedal controls the Front Conveyor (A).
  • The foot pedal can control the Back Conveyor (B).
  • The foot pedal can control both the Front Conveyor (A) and the Back Conveyor (B).

Additional Options for Conveyor B ONLY:

  • Speed adjustment: This allows you to change the feed rates of the lumber for more appropriate settings.
  • Reverse button: To operate the conveyor in reverse, the following steps should be followed:
  1. Press the foot pedal associated with Conveyor B.
  2. Press the reverse button.
  3. The conveyor will then run in reverse.

By utilizing these foot pedals and controls on the SmartConveyor, you can effectively operate and control both the Front Conveyor (A) and the Back Conveyor (B) with the necessary speed adjustments and the ability to run Conveyor B in reverse when required.

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