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How to Replace a VC1

Overview: there are four steps that need to­ be done

  1. Write down the MAC addresses of the VC1 you are removing and the VC1 you are replacing.                        (Print the sheet provided)
  2. Unscrew the wires that are connected to the bad VC1
  3. Remove the bad VC1
  4. Put the new VC1 in the same spot and reconnect the wires to the VC1

Step 1) Use the provided table to write down the mac address of the VC1 you are removing and write down the mac address of the unit you are replacing it with.

NOTE: The mac address is always printed on the top of the VC1 and is a string of 12 numbers/letters.

NOTE: The first eight digits are always the same, you will only need to write down the last 4. Example 12:40

Once filled out scan this page and email it to Support@enventek.com or take a picture and email it to us.

Step 2) Pop the covers off the terminals and remove the wires (NOTE: Take a picture of how the wires are currently wired, the image below is only an example and may not represent how your VC1 is wired. You will need to wire your VC1 up the same as it is now). Also, remove the Cat 5 cable(s).

Step 3) To remove a VC1 use a regular screwdriver. Put the tip of the screwdriver in the black latch under the ethernet ports and pry the latch down. This will allow the VC1 to be lifted/rotated off the rail.

Step 3.5) Put new VC1 back into the same location

Step 4) Pop the covers off the terminals and put the wires back into the same spots as they were when you started. (NOTE: the wiring shown in this image may not be the same as what you started with, please wire the new VC1 up the same way it was.

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