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Replacing the Carriage Encoder

The Carriage encoder is located under a gray cover (see photo below) under the carriage on the lumber feed side of the saw.

Carriage Encoder Location

If you think the carriage encoder is bad and needs to be replaced follow these steps to replace it.

Warning: Before entering the saw make sure you have engaged the emergency stop with the key and take it with you as well. Always lock out, tag out the machine during maintenance in accordance with all local and/or company policies.

  • Step 1: Remove the two bolts that hold the gray cover in place (they are accessible from the top)
Top view
  • Step 2: You will need to cut the zip tie and remove the two screws that hold encoder in place.
  • Step 3: Loosen the set screw. NOTE: the set screw might be in a place that you can’t see easily due to its rotation around the shaft/the position of the carriage.

Slide the encoder off and replace with a new encoder. Repeat steps 1-3 in reverse order


Now is a good time to verify that the encoder’s gear is tight up against the gear rack. If the is any slop in the gears (see photo, position 1) then you will need to tighten the gear up. To do so loosen the lock nut and tighten top nut (see number 2).

Now, let’s connect the encoder wire to the wiring block situated on the opposite side of the Carriage’s support tube. You’ll find it positioned above the carriage brake, similar to the reference image provided.

The wiring should be wired either into this block or added with the screws if replacing the block fully

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