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VFD Replacement Options

Due to the microchip shortage in version 1.60 of the Retro C software Enventek has significate changes in order to support multiple types of VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives). This comes at a time when our main supplier of VFD’s retired a product and new products are hard to get. In 2022 Enventek has worked to keep your Retro C products running by providing support for multiple drives in the same location. Current drives supported are listed below.

New models supported

GS10 Series Drives

GS20 Series Drives

Weg CFW100 Series Drives

Weg CFW300 Series Drives

Weg CFW500 Series Drives

FMX Series Drives

Old models supported

GS1 Series Drives — Retired

GS2 Series Drives — Retired

GS3 Series Drives — Retired

All of these drives may require different mounting and fuses however the wires should stay the same. The Blade motors require STO Modules for safety and all drives require Modbus communication which on the CFW100 and 300 series is an extra module.

Note in order to change drive versions at this time you will need to contact Enventek Technical support.

10 HP – Blade 5

CIMR-VU2A0040FAA (V1000) Drive is the standard which uses 60A Fuses as the input.

GS23-2010 Changes to a 80A Class T Fuse as the input.

CFW500D28P0T2DB20G2+CFW500-SFY2 Uses the same 60A Fuse as the CIMR

7.5 HP

CIMR-VU2A0030FAA (V1000) Drive is the standard which uses 60A Fuses as the input.

5 HP

Coming Soon

2 HP

New VFD’s

GS23-22P0 = 3 pole 35 A fuse 2.0 HP


GS3-22P0 replaced with GS23-22P0

GS1-22P0 replaced with GS23-22P0 Fuses are now 35A and require a new block to hold them.

1 HP or Smaller

New VFD’s

GS21-21P0 Fuse is 20A which is the same as the normal machine.

CFW500A04P3B2NB20G2 1HP

TD200-2001-1PH 1HP

CFW100C04P2S220G2 +CFW100-CRS485

GS1-21P0 replaced with GS21-21P0. Fuses are the same 20A

GS1-20P5 replaced with GS21-21P0. Fuses are the same 20A

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