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Diagnosing Unknown Noises Coming from Blade Motor

If you are experiencing constant or persistent noises coming from one of your blade motors the cause is typically one of three things.

  • Reason Number 1: The (normally blue) shroud that covers the encoder is vibrating and you are hearing the noise of metal on metal as it vibrates.
    • Solutions: Using a tap, tap a hole for a small screw to keep the metal from vibrating, or use a piece of folded paper, double sided tape, or similar item to put in between the metals so they can’t vibrate against each other.

  • Reason Number 2: One or more parts of the blade brake assembly have become loose and are vibrating.
    • Solution: Remove the saw blade and manually turn on (ONLY) the motor that is causing the issue and carefully using your hand touch the blade brake assembly to see if it is vibrating. If it is vibrating determine what has become loose, turn off the motor, engage the e-stop and tighten it back up.

  • Reason Number 3: If you have ruled out reason number 1 and 2 the last option is that the motor has gone bad and needs to be replaced. If this is the case please contact Enventek support 269 815 4150 and we will assist you in purchasing a replacement motor.

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