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Retro C: Maintenance Schedule

Note: Certain conditions, including damp environments or certain types of wood (SYP) may require extra cleaning and lubrication, adjust as necessary.

Lubrication: Use a mixture of motor oil and kerosene (1:16) to clean out excessive resin buildup and to lubricate. Very light lubricants and dry lubricants (graphite) should be used on all sliding metal surfaces as needed. Lubrication of the slides varies quite a bit depending on type of wood being cut and the environmental conditions.


  • Clean saw dust out of saw.
  • Check and fix blade brakes.
  • Check e-stop system for full operation.


  • Check air filter/oiler
  • Check for and fix any air leaks.
  • Check blades for sharpness. (Change if needed)
  • Inspect angles and centerlines for build up of debris.


  • Check integrated actuator worm gear with 2-3 pumps of grease (Mobilegrease XHP 461). Stop if grease comes out of the seal near the encoder. Do not over lubricate.
  • Inspect blade hubs for tightness. Note: Do not remove ot try to take apart.
  • Check saw squareness and confirm it is correct realign as needed.
  • Check tightness of material feed chains
  • Check Infeed Conveyor chain tightness


  • blade motors. Blades 1,2,3,4 (5500 hrs. operation) Blade 5 (9500 hrs.operation) 1-2 pumps. Clean grease gun and fitting before greasing. Use Polyrex EM or compatible grease. Do not mix grease types. Do not over lubricate.
  • Check tightness of carriage encoder, spur gears and motor torque limiter.
  • Check all encoders for damage and connection to there shafts.
  • Check for rust in the angle and centerline movements and clean as needed.
  • Fully clean out the gear rack.
  • Vacuum out the electrical panels to prevent any sawdust build up. (Do not blow air into them as it will push debris into the electronics)

Saw Blades and Hubs.

  • Saw blades should be tightened between 18-20 ft lbs. Recheck hub tightness on a Monthly schedule. Never remove a saw hub.
  • Hubs with bushing size #2517 should be tightened to 35.8-39.4 ft lbs. (most common type)
  • Hubs with bushing size #1215 should be tightened to 14.6-16 ft lbs (Old style)
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