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Linear PickLine

This is the best way to avoid defective lumber and costly slowdowns.  

Linear PickLine is a simple yet elegant forklift replacement solution that allows truss plants to store multiple sizes of lumber and quickly and easily retrieve them without needing to use a forklift. With the Linear PickLine lumber pickers crown lumber, check for knots and wane before it gets to the saws. When quality lumber arrives at the saws production increases, throughput is greater and labor needs are reduced. Whether you need 2 or 200 pieces, the Linear PickLine is the fastest, most efficient way to feed a component saw.

With Linear PickLine forklifts are only used when loading a full bunk of lumber. This will reduce wear and tear as well as maintenance on your forklifts.

For even higher volume dual Linear PickLines allow you to conveniently load two or more saws from the same lumber inventory.  With a dual PickLine you get the same great forklift reduction and an increased reduction of the lumber storage footprint at your facility.

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Like many useful tools the Linear Pickline was developed out of necessity. Our truss plant had two forklifts that were needing to be replaced. Rather than use capital to purchase new forklifts the Linear Pickline was developed in order to save time and money. By only using forklifts to move full bunks we reduced our forklift operating time by 80%. The reduced wear and tear on existing forklifts allowed us to use the same lifts for longer and we were able to pay  for the Linear Pickline in one year.


  • Lumber can be checked for quality at the beginning of the process.
  • Save money and reduce cost by forklift time.
  • The lumber picker is able to pick lumber faster than traditional methods.
  • Versatility allows you to  pick truss by truss or in large quantities.

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QC Your Lumber

Any system that doesn’t keep defective lumber out of the pipeline leads to wasted time. All too often a bad part shows up in the last truss of a run. This requires a second pick, setup, cut, and leaves the assembly crew sitting around waiting, all the while costing the company money.

Less Forklift Usage

With a Linear PickLine forklifts are only used when loading a bunk of lumber, reducing wear and tear on lifts which saves you money. Additionally, limited forklift use also reduces the number of employees that need to be trained and certified to operate lift trucks.  

Dual PickLine

Load two or more saws out of the same lumber inventory with dual PickLine. Dual PickLine provides the same forklift reduction while feeding and as an added benefit, reduces the footprint of the lumber storage area.


Linear Picklines provide a good balance between picking efficiency and storage footprint for many customers. Lumber can quickly and easily be picked for your component or linear saws as needed. Linear PickLine is very customizable and we are happy to work with you to develop a solution to fit your facility.

Why should truss plants feed saws with the Linear Pickline?

As we all know forklifts are usually just driving around in circles all day picking up lumber from various bunks. If you put most of your common picks behind Linear PickLine the cost savings alone on forklift maintenance and fuel will pay for the PickLine in under two years. Throw in the added benefit that your picker will now be able to quality check each piece of lumber prior to sending it to the saw and we think you have a compelling reason to consider the Linear Pickline.

What lengths does the Linear Pickline come in?

Linear PickLine is fully customizable. We can provide many different example configurations but in the end, the lengths of the conveyors to the building and the linear line can be fully customized to fit your facility’s layout and needs.

How fast is the Linear Pickline?

Boards are automatically unloaded every 5-8 seconds. The goal of the operator is to continue feeding additional boards behind the previous one with a 2-3 ft gap. If the operator keeps picking at that rate lumber will be ahead of all linear saws on the market.

Who sets the speed of the Linear Pickline?

The Linear PickLine’s conveyor is set by the machine and runs at a constant speed.

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