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How to Replace the Retro C’s Computer

Remove all of the cables, take a picture if needed so you can remember where they go. Don’t forget to remove the USB thumb drive.

Remove the 4 silver screws on the left and right sides of the computer. You will need a 1/4” socket to remove,

Remove the old computer and set aside.

Reinstall the new computer using the 4 screws.

Plugin all the cables as well as the USB thumb drive.

The ethernet cable on the left goes to the ethernet switch next to the computer. Make sure that the ethernet from the office is in the port to the right as the photo below.

Press the power button on the top to power it on.

Reminder: Make sure you install the USB drive from the previous machine or if Enventek shipped one with it, the old usb drive will have your previous settings and software preinstalled.

Congratulations you have completed the computer replacement.

Below is the new computer design it is very similar to the older model however it will require a few holes to be drilled in the back panel to mount it.

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