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Replace the Wires & Hoses in the Energy Chain

Replacing the wires and pneumatics that run in the energy chain.

Required for installation.

Heat Shrink gun (Hot air gun)

Wire cutters


Allen wrenches

Possible tools


  • Step 1: POWER OFF THE SAW! Disconnect your air supply.
  • Step 2: Find the end of the wires that you will need to disconnect, note where the wires go so that you can place them back in the original locations. (Take a photo if you need). Then disconnect the wires that are inside the saw.
  • Step 3: Remove the wires from the Roxtec block
    • In order to remove wires from the Roxtec block there are two wedges held by nuts and carriage bolts. Loosen the nuts but do not remove them or you will have a horrible time getting them back in.
    • The wedge will loosen the Roxtec block and allow you to pull a wire out of the system. Sometimes it’s easier to pull a wire forward into the box then back out in order to remove it.
    • The Roxtec Gel is helpful for loading a new wire into the system. Use it generously on the wire and the Roxtec modules.
  • Step 4: Remove the 4/4 wire from the electrical box
  • Step 5: Remove the air hoses that travels across the top of the saw and through the energy chain.
    • At this point everything should be removed from the guard on the saw except for the energy track itself. Remove and replace the Energy track from your saw frame. You may need to drill new holes in the frame due to this is a new style of Energy track and they don’t make the old one anymore.
    • Wire the large wire first 4/4
    • Wire the Estop cable up. The schematics and heat-shrink labels are provided in the box.
    • Wire the Cat 5 cable. It goes to the network switches located in each of the panels. It does not matter which port you plug it into.
    • Wire air hoses. A visual schematic is provided in the box.

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