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Scrap Belt or Scrap Incline VFD Disconnected: Troubleshooting

A customer called and stated that after hitting the E-Stop that both of the VFDs for the Scrap Incline & Scrap Belt were disconnected (Yellow).

Steps Taken

  • Restart VC1 – No Change
  • Restart Saw – No Change
  • Unplug the RJ11 jack from VFD 30 – No Change
  • Unplug the RJ11 jack from VFD 31 – No Change
  • Asked the customer to open the scrap enclosure and confirm that the (Brown) (White/Blue) (Blue) wires going into terminals 93, 94, & 95 are fully inserted and not loose or easy to pull out.
  • This was the problem the White/Blue wire wasn’t making a solid connection. Upon wiggling the wire the scrap belt and the Scrap incline VFDs connected & disconnected.
  • The customer had to fully insert the wire and then tighten the screw in the terminal to lock the wire in place.
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