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Category - Scrap System

Adjusting or Tightening the Scrap Conveyor Belt

If the scrap belt is slipping on the roller or not staying centered manual adjustment is required. Step 1: Remove the gray chain guard so you have more room to work. There are two bolts on the right side of the cover that hold it in place. Once the bolts are removed it slides right off.
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Scrap Belt Sweeper

The sweeper is located under the carriage side of the saw, it is a angled bracket with plastic on it. The sweeper’s purpose is to remove the dust from the inside of the belt before returns to the top side.
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Scrap belt tracking or alignment

Realignment of the scrap belt can be a tedious process. Step #1 Tension the belt down well. The belt should be snug on the top of the rollers on both ends. There shouldn’t be a gap lifting up.
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