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Category - Electrical System

24v UPS

he UPS supplies power (only) to the VC1s (the Brains of the Retro C) in the event of a power loss. Maintaining power to the VC1s is very useful in preventing damage or loss of settings to the computers that control the saw. The UPS guards against a loss of position they remain active and detect encoder changes in the event of power loss.
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Troubleshooting: Drive Disconnected Warning

Drive is disconnect warning on the check screen. The normal cause for this is a blown fuse. Use the check screen to locate the drive that is an issue. IE Carriage DR28? Note: When the saw is in e-stop mode all of the drives will be turned off for safety. If this is the case do a continuity test on all of the fuses that go to that drive to verify which one is an issue. Replace the fuses and then disable e-stop. The drive should turn on and be enabled.
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