Retro C



The Retro C is a fully automated component saw that has been completely rebuilt from a Mitek 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, SmartSet or Cyber A/T component saw frame. This development not only extends the life of these saws but improves them beyond their new condition. Unlike other component saws on the market the Retro C allows the operator to cut over 100+ pieces per minute.


Built for speed

0-100% its made for it.

The Retro C can cut 100+ pieces per minute with an average setup time less than 9 seconds. It has a 30 second maximum cycle time (time from setup to setup with a board passing through saw). This low cycle time makes it well suited for truss plants with low part runs and custom trusses. 

Less Maintenance

Repairs take time.

The Retro C has a complete mechanical & electrical replacement from original saw as well as a reduced number of moving parts. This reduces maintenance time and costs. Newer technology has led to a far simpler design that is easier to troubleshoot. 



Safety First

The Retro C is operated from the stationary side of the saw. This keeps the sawyer out of the way of the saw movement during setups. Since the dogs pick up the lumber, the operator can stay further away from the saw blades than most component saws. Autofeeding from a SmartConveyor allows the operator to run the saw hands free which is inherently safer.