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Drive (VFD) Disconnected Warning

The main reason for a Drive disconnect would be.

  1. Power
  2. Wire between the VC1 and the VFD is disconnected
  3. Faulty or misconfigured VFD
  4. Faulty VC1


Check if there is power to the VFD (Drive) if there is no power then the check screen will show disconnected.

Most of the time this is caused by a blown fuse.

The easiest way to determine which fuse is blown is to use the check screen to locate the drive number that has the blown fuse and then to locate that fuse in the Stationary or Carriage panel.

Note: When the saw is in e-stop mode all of the drives will be turned off for safety. If this is the case do a continuity test on all of the fuses that go to that drive to verify which one is an issue. Replace the fuses and then disable e-stop. The drive should turn on and be enabled.

Wiring between VC1 and VFD

The wiring between the VC1 and VFD for RS485 communication consists of two wires. Normally Enventek uses blue and white/blue.

Blue = Signal +

White/Blue= Signal –

The connections consists of ferrules into the VC1 however the VFD could be ferrules, RJ11 connector or an RJ45 connector depending on the VFD.

At times the RJ11 clips can vibrate out and show disconnected if the clip isn’t fully engaged. This can be removing the connection and reconnecting it to the VFD.

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