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Linear PickLine



Enventek's Linear PickLine is the simple forklift replacement solution. It allows truss plants to store multiple sizes of lumber and then retrieve it without using a forklift. With the Linear PickLine, the lumber picker can crown lumber, check for knots, and wane before it gets to the saws. When quality lumber arrives at the saws, production increases and wasted labor is reduced. Whether you need 2 or 200 pieces, the Linear PickLine is fast, efficient, and will save you money.

Fix problems early
Don't let trouble build

It dosn't matter how fast your equipment and people are if they are processing useless parts. Any system that doesn't keep defective lumber out of the production system leads to much wasted time. A bad part often shows up in the last truss of a run. This requires a second pick, setup, cut and leaves the assembly crew waiting for a single part. 


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Reduce Forklift Usage

Stop racing around with the forklift burning up fuel and wearing out parts. With the pick line you will only need the forklift to unload lumber from the truck and place the bunk on the line. Best of all, even the scrap can be fed down line later for reprocessing in the plant. 


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Keep it simple
Can you imaging a simpler pick system?

The Linear Pickline is simple. No complex or expensive sensors and mechanisms. It is largely built out of the material you already have. Expandable to virtually any length. It has been tested to operate in rain and snow with minimal maintence. 
Call us to discuss how we can integrate the system with your existing equipment and layout.

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Many layouts are possible.