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How to upgrade your Computer or Raspberry PI software

Retro C

Step 1: Locate the computer that runs your software. The Retro C’s computer is located in the touchscreen enclosure.

Step 2: Turn off the computer or pi by pressing and holding the power button (has a blue light) on the top right side of the computer

Step 3: Next locate the USB thumb drive already inserted into the PC and remove it. NOTE: If this drive is re-inserted into any USB port on the computer/touchscreen it can cause the computer to not boot up properly. NOTE: There are four USB ports on the button side of the computer it could be in any one of them.

NOTE: the USB thumb drive is very small and easy to miss.

Step 4: Insert the new USB drive into the same port you removed the other one from.

Step 4: Power the touchscreen on

Plant One Projector & Front or Rear TVs

Step 1: Locate the Rasberry Pi that runs your software. Plant Projectors and TVs have a small raspberry pi computer that is likely zip tied to the tv or somewhere close.

Step 2: Turn off the pi by unplugging the power cable. Usually this is a USB Cable

Step 3: Locate the micro SD card that is already in the device and remove it. Some have a spring mechanism that you push in slightly and then it pops back. The other style is just friction and can be removed using your fingernail.

Step 4: Put the new SD card into the exact same slot,

Push the card in until it is in place.

Step 5: Plug the power back into the device and make sure that the device boots up before zip tieing everything back up.

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