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Plate Slitter

It doesn’t matter how fast your saws are! If your employees aren’t given the tools they need to assemble a truss correctly, the first time, you’ll have costly slowdowns. 

PlantOne Projection is a visual truss assembly assistant. Even if you ignore the obvious benefits of an all paperless workflow, PlantOne Projection keeps you more organized and improves plate placement accuracy and productivity. PlantOne Projection reduces setup time, simplifies truss assembly and allows you utilize more junior employees that have less experience, because all the information is laid out in a simple, yet detailed way each and every time. 

Using two projectors as an ultra wide-screen display will increase visibility for complex trusses. Multiple screens can increase productivity by displaying information where you want it when you want it. 

Truss timers show the time since the last truss was built. With a single glance the plant managers can track progress between multiple crews and identify trouble spots. Call us for details.

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PlantOne Projection was developed because we wanted to provide a better tool for crews to do their work. With PlantOne Projection crews are able to get better access to the information and details that they need to do their jobs. PlantOne Projection is not just changing the way trusses are assembled it is revolutionizing the entire process. 


  • Multiple Screens 
  • Technical Drawings
  • Visual Plate Placement Indications
  • Truss Timer
  • Plate Color
  • Wirelessly Control

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Precision is Crucial

Technical drawings become key when setting up the first truss.  The dimensions help less experienced employees quickly learn how to setup. With the shared information the team can all work together without having to share a piece of paper.

Multiple Screens

Using two projectors as an ultra wide display increases visibility for complex trusses. Alternatively you can show the truss layout on one screen and a zoomed in view of the plates on the another. Twice the size doesn’t mean twice the price, ask us why.

Truss Timer

Truss Timer displays the elapsed time since the last truss was built.  With a single glance plant managers can track the progress of any job. Plantone Projection allows you to assess the speed of multiple crews and identify potential reasons.


Fix QC Issues Before They Become A Problem

It doesn’t matter how fast your equipment and people are if defective lumber is making it’s way into your production pipeline. How many times have you seen a bad part show up in the last truss of a run? The Linear PickLine was designed to address this very issue!

Less Maintenance

With a Linear PickLine at your facility, forklifts are only needed when loading full bunks of lumber. This reduction in forklift time reduces wear and tear on your equipment and prolongs their lifespan saving you time and money. 

Dual PickLines

If high throughput is what you are looking for you Eventek’s dual PickLine will save you time and money by loading two or more saws out of the same lumber inventory. This provides the same forklift reduction while feeding reducing the footprint of the lumber storage.


The Linear Pickline provides a good balance for most customers picking needs. Lumber can be picked to your component saws or linear saws as needed. Contact us with any questions you have.

Why should truss plants feed saws with a Linear Pickline?

Assume that the cost of your forklift is the cost of another employee or more. Most of the time the forklift is just driving in circles picking up lumber from various bunks. Reduce that by putting most of your common picks behind a pickline. The cost savings on forklift maintenance and fuel will pay for the pickline on its own. That doesn’t mention that your picker will be able to check the quality of the lumber prior to sending to any saw.

What lengths does the Linear Pickline come in?

The linear pickline is fully customizable. We can provide many different example configurations but in the end the lengths of the conveyors to the building and the linear line can both be customized to fit your layout and needs.

How fast is the Linear Pickline?

A board can be dropped of the end approximated every 5-8 seconds.

The speed of picking depends on the ability of the operator to add the lumber but that is fairly easy with the distance of the lumber.

Who sets the speed of the machine?

The pace conveyor runs at a constant speed. The goal is to drop another board behind the previous one with a 2-3 ft gap. If the operator keeps picking at that rate lumber will be ahead of all linear saws on the market. 

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