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Enventek is happy to help you customize your truss plant. We provide solutions in programming, electrical or hardware.  We work to combine old technology with new to improve the productivity of your truss plant. Contact us for more information.


We can troubleshoot most aspects of Mitek components saws as well as many other products. Contact us directly with your product information so we can provide you with a solution.


Mitek SmartSet / EasySet Touch screen reprogramming and repair.
Mitek Cybersaw Cyber A/T parts and repair.
We help service or repair Mitek Component saws.
MangoTech Apollo old and new system parts and repair.
Koskovich Auto-Omni
GE Fanuc Series 1062 IC752DPA062-AA or  IC752DPA062-BB


With some of our upgrades we have acquired parts that can keep your equipment going. Below are is a list of machines we have parts for in stock:
Mitek EasySet / SmartSet / Cyber A/T saws / CyberSaw
Mitek 1000 2000 3000 4000
Mitek Control boards and Touch screens for old Mitek component saws
MangoTech wall panel extruder