SmartConveyor Footage


The SmartConveyor is a servo controlled conveyor that feeds the Retro C (Component saw). The purpose of the SmartConveyor is to separate and prepare lumber before it enters the saw. The SmartConveyor has two modes of operation. The automatic mode allows the Retro C to operate with a single operator feeding and tailing the saw. This allows the saw operator to double his production and virtually eliminates the need for another man to tail the saw for most jobs. For larger runs the SmartConveyor has a second mode that allows it to be operated with a foot petal. This allows the operator to load continuous at a higher speed than the fully automatic mode. The SmartConveyor is a serious improvement to the loading of the Retro C and takes the cutting process to a whole new level.



  • Retro C (Component Saw) Automatic Mode
  • Simple separation of bunks of lumber into individual pieces
  • Buffer and area to crown lumber before it enters the Retro C


  • Width: 18"
  • Height: 38”
  • Length: 7'

The SmartConveyor is an inexpensive solution to separate lumber.