The SafeGrip is a state of the art, bolt on, lumber clamping system. It has been designed to improve the safety of the radial arm saw by firmly holding the lumber in place while it is being cut. SafeGrip also allows you to cut smaller pieces of lumber into useful parts reducing the amount that would be scrapped. Enventek supports many models including MangoTech ApolloAlpine Metracut and Spida CXM radial arm saws.

Safety First

Save those fingers

The Safegrip was designed specifically to keep the saw operators hands out of the saw blade. It allows the operator to not have to worry about the board moving when a cut is in progress. The sawyer can keep his hand entirely off the wood while cutting.



4" height

Extra height allows boards to be cut on edge for floor trusses as well as cutting two boards stacked on each other.

Bolt on system

Installation with ease

SafeGrip is a bolt on system that can be installed in a short amount of time. No special tools are required and alignment is simple. That way you can get back to making money.



Cut scrap into useful parts

Use more lumber

SafeGrip provides a safe way to cut small pieces such as 1' lumber into useful parts such as wedges without the liability of injuring an employee. Rip cuts can also be safely held in place without worrying about fingers while cutting the lumber.

Removable Arms

Reduce Limitations

The SafeGrip was developed to provide safety without limiting the machines abilty to perform. It has removable arms to ensure that if something custom comes up the SafeGrip can be dropped out of the way. This feature ensures that the saw isn't limited by the SafeGrip.



Align parts without engaging clamp

Safety without limits.

SafeGrip only engages when the saw blade is running. This allows the operator to line up the part safely without worry that the clamp will come down. This prevents the saw operator from struggling with the clamp while trying to trim parts.


SafeGrip is the “smart solution” to the safe operation of your radial arm saw!