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Speed up production of your entire plant by feeding your saw quickly and efficiently to avoid slowdowns and errors. 

SmartConveyor is a servo-controlled conveyor that feeds the Retro C component saw. The purpose of the SmartConveyor is to separate and prepare lumber before it enters the saw. The SmartConveyor has two modes of operation. The automatic mode allows Retro C to operate with a single operator feeding and tailing the saw. This allows the saw operator to double his production and virtually eliminates the need for another man to tail the saw for most jobs. 

For larger runs the SmartConveyor has a second mode that allows it to be operated with a foot petal. This allows the operator to load continuous at a higher speed than the fully automatic mode. The SmartConveyor provides tangible improvements to the speed at which you can load the Retro C and takes the cutting process to a whole new level.

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SmartConveyor comes standard with each Retro C saw we sell but our clients have been so impressed with how it works they have asked if it could be purchased separately and fitted to saws that they already have in their facility. SmartConveyor works as a standard conveyor or a position control conveyor as needed.


  • Width: 16′
  • Height: 32″ – 45″
  • Length: 7′ – 24′

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Retro C Automatic Mode

 When attached to our Retro C saw automatic mode allows the Retro C to operate with a single operator feeding and tailing the saw. No other saw in the industry can do this.

Separate Bunks of Lumber

The SmartConveyor can automatically separate an entire bunk of lumber and feed it into our Retro C component saw as well as any other saw you may have.

Buffer and Crowning Area

SmartConveyor provides a logical location to crown lumber. Operators can crown the lumber and still keep up with other tasks. Increase your efficiency with this product. 

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