Interactive Projector Demo




Demonstation Steps

Welcome to PlantOne Projection Demo. The demo requires Java to be installed. Most systems have this installed by default. If your system already has Java installed, click on "Start Interactive Projector Demo". Otherwise click on "Download Required Software" to install java.

Step 1

Download Java

Step 2

Start Interactive Projector Demo.

Note: You may see a security warning dialog when you first run the demo. Click on "Run" to continue and run the demo.


The Demo will load and you can test all the features in PlantOne projection by clicking check boxes as well as using the keyboard commands to zoom in on plates. To zoom in on a plate use "A" or "D".  To move left or right to select the plate you want to zoom in on. Then "Control+Z" to zoom in on the plate. An example of the interface you should see is below.

Keyboard Controls

  • Work List = Control+J
  • Mode = Control+Q
  • Up = W
  • Down = S
  • Left = A
  • Right = D
  • In= I
  • Out= O
  • Opt = Control+T
  • Zoom = Control+Z
  • Tab 1 = 1
  • Tab 2 = 2
  • Tab 3 = 3
  • Tab 4 = 4