Plate Features




Plate Placement

Visual plate placement

Reference dimensions are given to assist in plate alignment. Transparent plates provide the ability to see where the center of the plate and the slots are placed on the lumber below. This is a unique view that often eliminates the need for careful measurement giving an increase in productivity for your builders. A zoomed view is available for each non-centered joint. A solid dot shows the center of the each plate.

Plate Colors

Gauge based colors

Plate location is important, but plate gauge can be just as important. Plates are colored based on gauge to prevent expensive mistakes cause by missing a heavy gauge plate. Critical plates (non-centered) are have a highlighted red border to signal special attention is needed for alignment. This color coded guide keeps the assembly process on track and simplifies employee training.



Plate Slots

Humans are visual.

Plate placement is critical in trusses. The slots provide a visual reference to where the plate is, in reference to the lumber. With the slots, a center dot is included on the plate to show how close the center of the plate is located to the boards below. In this example, we can see that this plate is critical with the red border.  It is a 20 gauge plate because the plate is blue and the center dot on the plate is just below the center of the joint.