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Multiple Screens

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Using two projectors as an ultra wide-screen display will increase visibility for very complex trusses. Alternatively show the truss on one screen and zoomed in plates on another. Multiple screens can increase productivity by displaying information where you want it when you want it. Twice the size isn't twice the cost. Call us for details.


Critical Truss Dimensions

A bar displayed across the top of the screen highlights critical truss setup information. It lists height, span, heel height, and overhang rake dimensions. Lock in and verify critical dimensions quickly during the setup process. No more digging through stacks of paperwork hunting for dimensions.



Truss Timer

Stay on schedule.

The truss timer shows the time since the last truss was built. Building crews can enjoy the challenge of beating their previous best time. With a single glance the plant managers can track progress between multiple crews and identify trouble spots.

Wireless Remotes

Go Mobile

Wireless remotes provide the ability to control all aspects of the projector system while working on the table. With the remote the ability to change modes is in everyones' hands.

If you have an existing computer for auto jigging or laser we have software that can integrate with or control the projector from the same computer. Contact us with details about your system for more information.