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LightScan scanners are a portable large format scanner. These scanners are ideal for sending blue prints to the home office for takeoffs and design work. Emailing the files will save time and fuel by eliminating unnecessary trips to pick up prints. Put one in each customer office. This can make your sales force more effective and reduce the turn around time for quotes. The scanner is a logitech PageScan Pro that has a USB hookup and works with any PC running Windows XP (SP2 or greater) or Vista.


  • Inexpensive solution to scanning blueprints or other documents to store or send electronically
  • Portable and can be taken with a salesman to eliminate mistakes and guess work
  • Install at remote sites and the scans can be e-mailed anywhere
  • Operates on Windows XP (SP2 or greater) or Vista via USB
  • Putting a scanner in your customer’s office saves time and money (in fuel)
  • Makes your sales force more effective with less driving
  • Reduces the turn around time for truss take-offs

How It Works

The LightScan scanner is motorized and moves across the blueprint or page while scanning in strips of 8 ½ inches by any length. The strips can be e-mailed to another location or assembled at the current location by using Adobe Photoshop.


  • LightScan will scan up to 200 dpi 24 bit color and 400 dpi grayscale.
  • LightScan will produce jpg's in color and tif's in grayscale.
  • LightScan uses USB to connect to the computer.
  • It requires custom software to operate which is free below. TWAIN drivers are not available.


Download the latest software here. The software requires the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0.

Scanner Instructions

The scanner process is described here (PDF)

Stitching Instructions

The stitching process is described here (PDF). The photoshop action file is also avaliable for download.

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