PlantOne Batching




PlantOne Batching is a truss batching system that optimizes cutting order for plant organization. It takes truss files in the order you choose and optimizes lumber and plate picking as well as organizing how the lumber is stacked while it is transported to the assembly line. PlantOne Batching links your shop together with the tools you need to organize the assembly process in either small or large runs.


  • Lumber is batched and optimized for both the saw and the table
  • Does not require an experienced catcher to organize lumber, or no catcher with SpeedCatch
  • Simplifies complex batches with organization
  • Links with PlantOne Projection and SpeedCatch
  •  Parts are cut in a just-in-time order, start building before cutting is completed.

Process Integration

PlantOne Batching is a process that occurs plant wide. It links your saws with your tables in a way no other software has in the past. It provides a guide to help your employees to organize the parts before it reaching the line. All in a manner that builders can know exactly where every piece of lumber is every time without reading labels or reorganizing lumber. When PlantOne Batching is linked with a projector system it provides an efficient source for your lines to assemble the trusses quickly.

How it Works

Process a group of trusses that your going to batch together. PlantOne Batching creates paperwork for lumber picking, plate picking, catching lumber after the saw and organizing lumber at the line. All of these papers can be created in digital form for paperless plant operation. With all the information provided at each assembly station it provides a universal plant wide process that can be trained easily to new employees.



PlantOne Batching is a complete batching solution.